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Our studio is a workshop for creative endeavors and experiments to illustrate our design focus on textiles and light. Recreating and reusing and finding the beautiful in the simple, the space illustrates our design aesthetic in a specific space in time, yet our work with clients expands into a collaborative process that brings in our client's own personal ideas and narratives and desires.

On the wall is a textile collage made from vintage handwoven cotton dyed with natural pigments from Huangping County . Textile art. Vintage textiles. Interior design. Los Angeles. Our Ona Sofa if a vintage frame, but can be recreated for you. Hand stitched with piecework linens and vintage textiles.  

Embroidery Custom hand embroidered text. Laub Glass

 A custom lamp with a free form silk shade made from a vintage scarf. On the walls is a hand embroidered textile panel. Vintage silk floss on linen.

The words are taken from Elizabeth  Smart's 1944 book, By Grand Central Station I sat down and Wept.

"Alas, I know he is the hermaphrodite whose love looks up through the apple tree with a golden indeterminate
face. While we drive along the road in the
evening, talking as impersonally as a radio discussion, 
he tells me, ‘A boy with green eyes and long lashes,
 whom I had never seen before, took me into the back 
of a printshop and made love to me, and for two weeks 
I went around remembering the numbers on bus conductors’ hats.‘One should love beings whatever their sex,’ I reply,
 but withdraw into the dark with my obstreperous shape of shame, offended with my own flesh which cannot metamorphose into a printshop boy with armpits like chalices."

Golden hemps and linens that defuse light is one of our favorite things. The warm white on the walls lean towards a hint of pink. An art work "Backscratchers" by Cirilo Domine on the wall.     

Pillows from vintage textiles. Unless you have a feeling for that secret knowledge that modest things can be more beautiful than anything expensive, you will never have style. To not dare is to have already lost.  Andrée Putman



Drawings by artist Cirilo Domine. Japanese Ceramics
Cirilo Domine Ceramics Simeona Leona Interior Design Studio. Photos by the lovely


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