Simeona Leona

Our Los Angeles Koreatown studio is a workshop for creative endeavors and experiments. We develop products representing our love for ceramics, textiles, lighting, and jewelry. 

Tea Ceramics at Shi Lai Temple

Cirilo Domine's ceramic works currently being exhibited at Shi Lai Temple are mainly tea bowls and other utensils in The Way of Tea. They are wheel-thrown or hand-built in the manner of the great Koetsu. These were not made alone in a studio but fired in community kilns.

Once fired, the kiln is a sentient being that needs wood for fuel. We can sense it: breaths, burps, and gasps. It requires constant attention for a week or more, and in the end, everyone is exhausted from the labor. What comes out is an unpredictable beauty of nature that humbles one to the craft of making these works.

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Simeona Leona

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