Notes on fast design and the consumerist industrial complexes

Posted by SIMEONA LEONA on

Wikipedia defines an industrial complex as:  "...a socioeconomic concept wherein businesses become entwined in social or political systems or institutions, creating or bolstering a profit economy from these systems. Such a complex is said to pursue its own financial interests regardless of, and often at the expense of, the best interests of society and individuals." 

To expand on an old adage: 

You can design in many ways. You can design fast and cheap with questionable quality that will eventually bankrupt the source. You can design fast, without worries to money, with a focus on quality and awareness to sourcing-- or, you can design focused on reasonable costs with a high level of quality and materials over time with the focus on the dignity and care that supports human life and the environment. 

If you have the luxury of money, to do with whatever you like, this doesn't mean that you need to destroy the planet over whims and fancies under the guise that fast and cheaply produced design is good design.

Just like fast food; fast design, looks good on the surface, but it can lead us down a dangerous path to a world straining to make room for ourselves; houses, garages, closets, walls, and shelves full, feeling stressed and broken. 

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